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Substructures, Hygiene

The cabinet body is made of CNS 1.4301 with a minimum metal gauge of 1.25 mm and is designed as self-supporting. All transitions from the floor, rear and side walls are seamless and airtight and can therefore be hygienically cleaned. The radii are < 3 mm for H1 and 20 mm with spherical corners for H2. All cabinets are closed at the top with a CNS cover sheet. Installation heights as with the other substructures at 760, 710 and 560 mm. Optional: height-adjustable legs or wall-mounted design.

Corrugated Hygiene

In addition to "normal" hygiene, corrugated hygiene substructures have corrugations stamped into the side walls. This makes cleaning much easier. Intermediate shelves are designed to encompass an entire corrugation and therefore cannot tilt. Standard trays can be inserted tip-safe from all sides.