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Sheet Metal Processing

We are the professionals for your (stainless steel) sheet parts and we stamp, laser and form your (stainless steel) sheet parts. Give us a challenge!

Finnpower Stanz-Laserkombinationsanlage
  • Finnpower stamping-lasing combination plant for large formats up to 4000 x 1500 mm
  • Lasing and stamping up to 6 mm metal gauge CNS
  • Automatic loading and unloading
  • Corrugation and beaded edge are produced in a rolling process
  • Night shift without operator possible

    Bending machine Trumabend 170
    • 4 m machine for metal gauges up to 3 mm
    • CNS, CNC controlled
    • Rounded edges with 10 or 20 mm radius also possible
    Edging machine Trumpf 3 m
    • Parts up to 3000 mm lengths
    • Metal gauge up to 3 mm for CNS
    Bending centre Salvagnini
    • Parts up to 1600 mm lengths
    • Metal gauge up to 1.25 mm for CNS
    Schlagschere EHT
    • Teile bis 4050 mm Länge
    • Blechstärke bis 6,00 mm

    With our combined laser-punch machine we can lase, stamp and form, accomplished with feeding and stacking robots for series production parts also without an operator, and so at very reasonable piece costs.

    If interested, please contact our management:

    Hr. Ing. Erwin Reindl
    Tel.: +43(0)5574/72054 - 11
    Fax.: +43(0)5574/77339
    Mobil.: +43(0)664/3554852
    E-Mail: erwin.reindl(at)